Wild Roots Spirits Tasting Room

Nature's recipe, our vision. In the crowded world of vodka, something was missing. Each bottle of Wild Roots starts with a five-time distilled and five-time filtered corn-based vodka, infused with over a pound of natural Northwest-grown fruit. To capture the essence of the beautiful Northwest, we chose fruits that weren't only rich in flavor, but history as well. To hear more of our story and try our unique spirits, please visit our Portland tasting room. We'd love to pour you a glass.



We design killer brands, products and experiences. Our team is strategic and goal-driven. We creatively convert objectives, briefs and spreadsheets into customer acquisition, brand affinity and growth. Got a few minutes to tell us about the opportunities, goals and challenges in front of you this year? We’d love to help you crush them.


Hammer & Nails

Our goal at Hammer & Nails Grooming Shop for Guys is to give any guy a place to go where he can take care of his hands, feet and hair in a man cave environment. We have signature services that will not only make you feel great but they’ll help improve your health, too. The ingredients used in many of our service offerings have medicinal properties that are often overlooked. One example is the yeast used to brew many beers can help improve the elasticity of your skin. Take a look at the services we provide and you’ll see even more.

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